Every Business Has a Logo, But Not Every Business Has an Brand Identity

Every Business Has a Logo, But Not Every Business Has an Brand Identity

I don’t believe in logos. I believe in icons. You can think of icons as the more evolved form of logos. Every business has a logo, but not every business has an icon.

An icon is something that is widely recognized. Think of all the iconic bands out there: The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Aerosmith, etc. Imagine if The Rolling Stones changed their name to The Tumbling Flowers. Don’t you think people would be upset with that change? They want The Rolling Stones, not this soft new daisy-picking name. If you made changes to your business logo, would people get upset in the same way? Would they even notice? In most cases, probably not.


It’s Not About You

The problem with most logos is that the founder will get one designed that appeals to him or her instead of their target market(s). It’s not what you like. It’s what your customer likes.


Imagine a 10-mile radius of the city where your company is located. There are probably a bunch of other companies doing the same exact thing. So how do you stand out? Your key difference should be your brand – your business’s identity—the feel of your company, the colors associated with it, and the message you send to the audience you are trying to reach.


Your brand will develop a personality based on the identity you create. So it’s crucial to create a brand identity that represents you and makes you stand out, and then let it develop a personality based on exactly that. Once you’ve accomplished this, now you’ve got the groundwork set for your icon. Your icon is just a reflection of the personality of your business.


The FUSE Formula

With our clients, we use the “FUSE” formula to propel a company out of the land of dispensable logos into the land of everlasting icons.

FUSE considers the heartbeat of the business owner, the focal points of the product, and the personality of the company.


Focus: Identify the niche and direction of the company.

Unique: Formulate the unique proposition that is going to make your company stand out.

Smart: Use the most effective technology and marketing channels that make sense for your business.

Effective: Test and measure the impact of your brand and business.


The FUSE formula helps you build the atmosphere of the company into something that you, your employees, and your customers believe in. It fuses your company with the market. Together, we determine the best brand identity and placement for your business in the market. Then we add an image to go with it – something that really resonates with your audience – an icon.


Become the Champion Today

You can spend $99-$500 and get a nice looking logo, but how will that logo identify your business better than any other company that does the same thing? There’s no individuality or uniqueness to it. It would be like a football player wearing a jersey with no name on the back. Do you want to be the player wearing the jersey with no name on the back? Or do you want to be the go-to player wearing the jersey with the iconic name? I’ll leave that closing image to your own imagination…


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