What Really Makes An Entrepreneur

What Really Makes An Entrepreneur

There have been plenty of articles written and studies conducted that try to pin down what really makes an entrepreneur so special. To tell you the truth, we may never truly understand what makes an entrepreneur so different, and ’m not going to try to convince you that I know the secret sauce. I will tell you, however, that there are very common ingredients that make up some very successful entrepreneurs.


They revolt against conformity


Successful entrepreneurs don’t usually care much for social convention. They have little patience for conformity. They don’t want to hear how things are done, have been done, or should be done. They do things their way. The basic steps to becoming a successful entrepreneur lie not in aiming at billions, it’s not even about trying to be different. It lies in getting satisfaction from the work – which ultimately makes them different from everyone else.


They use their smarts


Entrepreneurs are characterized by high intelligence, high self-esteem, and a higher level of risky, aggressive, and even illicit behavior as adolescents. When you link high intelligence with a tendency towards illicit behavior or breaking the rules, there’s an almost 60% greater chance of becoming an entrepreneur.

They do


To me, a key ingredient in the making of an entrepreneur is their motivation to go for it despite the odds and conventional wisdom. An entrepreneur and friend of mine is well-known in the community for coordinating a widespread jelly – a casual working habitat where interesting people come to talk, collaborate, and bounce ideas off each other. It was the first in his community from which came an entire jelly revolution in the growing Las Vegas tech scene.

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