The Coveted Side Project and Why There’s No End In Sight

The Coveted Side Project and Why There’s No End In Sight

If you’ve ever lived in a community of entrepreneurs for any length of time then you’ve probably heard the popular notion of side project thrown around quite a bit. For them, it’s about experimenting with a business idea they otherwise are unable to at their current job. For them, it’s about an undying need to cultivate their inner creativity and implement the ideas which are constantly struck down by the bureaucracy that is distilled in the majority of day jobs across this world.  For them, powering down the computer at the office now means powering up the laptop at home.


I recently had a conversation with a fellow entrepreneur about focus. The end consensus was that entrepreneurs need focus and of course they need goals. But if those goals don’t satisfy your inner urge to experiment, or support your cravings for excitement and a freedom to try something “just a little different,” then you’re going to find something that does.


Entrepreneurs are an interesting breed. They’re usually looking to change the world or make something awesome that has utility for the masses. At an established company, you can easily miss out on the opportunity to really make the big decisions. What’s the most important thing that we should be working on right now? What’s our mission statement? What’s our big hairy audacious goal? Do we need to pivot and change direction as a company? Create something and all of the decisions will be yours. You might be surprised by how refreshing and rewarding this is.


With a growing entrepreneur scene came with it an inevitable increase in side projects.

It’s not for all of us. At the same time, it’s not reserved for a privileged few. So many have had an idea and an urge to make it reality, from which originated a side project. The end goal is derived from its purpose as a business, but the true consequence is satisfaction and a sense of autonomy that otherwise would not have been nurtured.


These part-time entrepreneurs continue working day jobs, deviating from the Silicon Valley stereotype of entrepreneurs who quit their jobs and build startups in a garage. In many cases, it makes sense to keep that nine-to-five commitment and the steady paycheck that comes along with it. The paycheck becomes necessary not simply to fund their side project, but it’s particularly important if you have a family to support.


In the end, it comes down to personal happiness. If you’re happy with your day job then by all means don’t deviate. if you want to dip your feet into the entrepreneurial world, embrace the life of the “side-project. You won’t regret it.

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